Personal Loans

Quick individual loans for school fees, rent payment, funeral and medical expenses. Collateral security is required.

Medium, small and micro business finance

A loan for business purposes to meet working capital deficiencies, startup capital, clearing of goods and other business related projects.Collateral security is required.

Receivable Discounting

A loan against the discounted value of the invoiced amount of account receivables. Collateral security is required.

Vehicle Financing

This product allows our clients to buy a new or used car by paying only a small down payment and the rest in monthly installments over a period of up to 2years.Collateral security is required.

Fixed Investment

Borrowing from the public and high net worth individuals for attractive interest returns.

Local Purchase Order Finance

Providing funds to fulfill local purchase orders. Funds from the issuer of the purchase order will be tied to Orbit Money Lending. Collateral security is required.

Trade Finance

Financing of commerce activities based on a proven market availability. Collateral security is required.